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Erle Liivak

Erle is a Fitness Professional working as an International Presenter, Instructor, Educator and a Lecturer for more then 10 years in Europe (Estonia, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Russia) as well as in South America (Argentina) and Asia (Japan). In 2008 Erle was selected as one of the lucky finalists of Euroconvention Barcelona Newcomer Presenter competition. She finally reached her dream to become an entertainer in a fitness field winning one of the most prestigious fitness event – Euroconvention St Tropez Newcomer Presenter competition in 2009. Erle’s passion lies in Step, Dance, Aerodance, Reggaeton and Pilates.


Diploma in Sport Management and Training Tartu University, Estonia 1999-2003
Qualified Aerobics Instructor Fitness Academy of Finland (FAF) 2002
Cycle Reebok Reebok UK 2005
AeroPilates Basic Reformer Training Stamina Products, Inc. (Marjolein Brugman, CPT) 2006
PT for Symmetric & Asymmetric Choreographies Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2008
Dance Education Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2008
Professional Training Argentina Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2008
Step Module 1, 2, 3 Euroeducation (Gabriela Retamar; FIPCF) 2009
Reggaeton Euroeducation (Marta Formoso; FIPCF) 2009
Pilates Mat I level Euroeducation (Mary Block, Fabio Block; FIPCF) 2010
Professional Training Argentina Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2010
Professional Training Argentina Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2011
Step Master Training Euroeducation (GGV; FIPCF) 2013

Euroeducation Ireland Organizer 2007

Euroconvention Ireland Organizer 2009

Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you handle it

–Erle Liivak


Step Gil Lopes "Animal Convention" 2012 Rome, Italy
Dance Party Summer Fit 2010 Tallinn, Estonia
Reggaeton Euroconvention Dublin "Boutique" 2011
Move it! Step Summer Fit 2011 Tallinn, Estonia
Reggaeton SFC 4 Latina, Italy
Aero Rimini Wellness 2012
Rimini Wellness 2011

It’s a blessing to have your work and passion go hand in hand

–Erle Liivak


January timetable

  • Mondays
  • Ringsend College
  • Cambridge Road
    Dublin 4
  • 6pm Strength & Conditioning
  • 7pm Pilates Beginners
  • 8pm Pilates Improvers
  • Details
  • Tuesdays
  • Ringsend College
  •  Cambridge Road
    Dublin 4
  • No
  • Classes
  • This term
  • Details
  • Wednesdays
  • Ballsbridge College
  • Shelbourne Road
    Dublin 4, Ireland
  • 4:30pm Pilates Beginners
  • 5:30pm Pilates Beginners
  • 6:30pm Pilates Beginners
  • 7:30pm Pilates Improvers
  • Details
  • Thursdays
  • Erle Liivak
  • Online
  • No classes
  • This term
  • Details


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