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Ringsend College, Cambridge Road, Dublin 4

6pm Strength & Conditioning

7pm Pilates Beginners

8pm Pilates Improvers

Price: 10 weeks – €65

Enrolment: Online

Classes commence week of 17th January 2022

To register please contact Ringsend College

Ringsend College
Cambridge Rd, Dublin 4
Tel: 00 353 1 6684498
Fax: 00 353 1 6684437

Strength and Conditioning – This class, combing both aerobic as well as muscular work involving major muscle groups, is especially designed for those, who want to burn off calories and look lean and toned.

Pilates Beginners – If you are new to the world of Pilates or you have not done it for a while, this class is meant for you. Pilates is a workout focusing on your core strength as well as for conditioning your full body, improving your flexibility and raising your mind & body awareness. Want lean abdominals and strong body without having to lift weights and staying in the gym for hours and hours, this is the class to join.

Pilates Improvers – If you have already taken part of many Pilates courses before and you want to join again, this is the class to come to. Flowing from one exercise to another, this class is on a higher level and will make you feel like a superior afterwords. Join me and not only feel, but also see your body changing day by day!