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Erle Liivak Day 2016

Welcome to Erle Liivak Day 2016 on Saturday the 14th of May in a beautifully located Dublin city centre location of YMCA Aungier Street. 

For all those who have missed choreography classes due to some changes with locations, now we have an excellent opportunity to finish the spring season and welcome summer and sunshine (well let’s pray… we are in Ireland after all…) with 3 hours of Step, Dance and Reggaeton.


Just to give you an idea how it looks like to dance and step with Erle, below are some links from our last event – Dublin Spring Fit 2016 in YMCA Aungier street and DisC’onvention Tour Dublin 2015 in Liffey Trust Studios.

DanceErle – Dublin Spring Fit 2016

Step North Erle Liivak – Dublin Spring Fit 2016

Erle Liivak Reggaeton – DisC’onvention Tour Dublin 2015

I am welcoming everyone with open arms so save the date, book your place and get your dancing shoes ready! 

Join me & dance your cares away!

Love E

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Dublin Autumn Day in association with DISC’ONVENTION tour

And we are back with the new fitness season and as such with new and exciting events also. One in particular I would like to talk about is our annual Dublin Autumn Day and this year with a different angle in association with DISC’ONVENTION by one of my fellow colleague, an international fitness presenter – Gil Lopes. 

You are probably wondering what exactly is DISC’ONVENTION? Well Gil has been organising his fantastic events for more than 10 years now in the city where this Brazilian born fitness guru has settled – in a good ancient Rome. For number of years he has put a theme to it though and in 2016 it will be DISCO themed (hence to that unusual name).

Take a look at one my earlier blog posts to read about the history of Gil Lopes Conventions.


And as it has formed over some period of time, Gil will be touring Europe to promote this one of a kind event, which will be held in the end of February 2016 and this year we are the lucky ones to be able to kick off his sensational tour in Dublin.

So without further ado I would like to invite you all to our Saturday afternoon event on the 17th of October in The Liffey Trust Centre. 

Registration via email or FB please.

We can’t wait to see you all again!

Love Erle & Gil


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Dublin Autumn Day 2014

I am super happy to announce that on the 15th of November we have yet again planned for you Dublin Autumn Day and this time you have an amazing opportunity to meet our beloved Cristian Fernandez. Take a look below for the schedule of the event.


Cristian Daniel Fernandez Garcia is a Spanish born International Presenter, who has shown his tremendous work talent all over the world and who will be visiting Dublin again so if you haven’t met him yet, this is your opportunity to join our event and get inspired. Cristian works in one of the most prestigious fitness clubs in Barcelona called David Lloyd teaching a number of different classes and you will have a perfect opportunity to follow his Aero and our team GlamDance class. Here is a small taster of his work in Euroconvention St Tropez last year.

And here is a little taster of my work…

Cristian posing in Dublin on one of our events…

Cristian Dublin

Cristian sending you a kiss from St Tropez last year…

Cristian kissing


I hope you have enjoyed this little blog post. Now… No time for waiting.

Join Us & Dance Your Cares Away!

Erle & Cristian

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Euro Fitnessmania Dublin 2013

It’s over! Euro Fitnessmania Dublin 2013 is over and all the positive feelings gathered still lingering in the system. What a wonderful event with all of you and with our amazing cast including Erle Liivak from Estonia/Ireland, Daniele Pietrini/Italy, Robert Cielecki Poland/Ireland and Iwona Nowak-Lakoma from Poland/Ireland. THANK YOU ALL!

Our event started with a Welcome Dance getting those up bright and early right into it and which challenged the body as well as mind. Robert’s Aerobox brought everything to the next level. Not only is this class a good cardio workout, but it works on your upper body as well as on lower body toning as hell. Definitely a class to participate! Easy routine, but super effective designed to leave you breathless! Erle’s Reggae got all the “booty shakers” totally smashed as the choreography highlight “floor work with a triceps dip as well as with a push-up”  got even the strongest ones out of breath. Follow her weekly Reggaeton classes, if you are looking for strong legs and core and have an absolutely fabulous dance workout. Daniele’s Step was as flowing and relaxed as ever with participants smiling and giggling away with the excitement of being able to follow and have their brain challenged at the same time. A “must have” on your next convention! Our new talent – Iwona Nowak-Lakoma is moving strong with a fast rising profile in a fitness industry and who’s Step happened to be a one of a kind. Want a real challenge, take a class with her!

Welcome Dance Erle Liivak, Daniele Pietrini, Robert Cielecki & Iwona Nowak-Lakoma

Aerobox Robert Cielecki 

Reggae Erle Liivak

Step Italy Daniele Pietrini

Step Iwona Nowak-Lakoma

Glam Dance Erle Liivak & Daniele Pietrini 

What else can I say? Stay fit! Stay healthy! Have fun! And look out for 2014!

See you soon!


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Euro Fitnessmania Dublin 2013

Yet again we are organising a full day event for anybody who is interested in exercise, dance and fun. If you are an instructor and you are looking to get more ideas, choreography methods or music, this is just the place for you. If you are someone, who is taking part of various fitness classes in the gym and want to just move, this is the place for you!

Date: 28th of September


Donnycarney Community Centre
Collins Avenue East
Dublin 5


Erle Liivak, Daniele Pietrini, Robert Cielecki, Iwona Nowak-Lakoma

Who is Erle Liivak?

Erle is a Fitness Professional who has worked as an International Presenter, Instructor, Educator and a Lecturer for more then 10 years in Europe (Estonia, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey) as well as in South America (Argentina). In 2008 Erle was selected as one of the lucky finalists of Euroconvention Barcelona Newcomer Presenter competition. She finally reached her dream to become an entertainer in a fitness field winning one of the most prestigious fitness events– Euroconvention St Tropez Newcomer Presenter competition in 2009. Erle’s passion lies in Step, Dance, Aerodance, Reggaeton and Pilates.

Who is Daniele Pietrini?

Daniele is an Italian born International Presenter, who has worked all over Europe as well as in South America and who’s classes make you feel like “nothing is impossible”. With his latin charm Daniele manages to lead his class with effortless moves and flowing ways and ends up with an amazing result on the dance floor. This time you can follow not only his step and dance, but also join in with him as he dances along with rest of the instructors in Welcome Dance.

Who is Robert Cielecki?

Originally from Poland, Robert has made Ireland his second home for a numerous years and is currently taking an international fitness field by storm. Robert has already established himself as one of the educators for Euroeducation Ireland and is now showing his talent all over Europe. He has taken part of Euroeducation Newcomer competition in Barcelona as well as in St Tropez and has demonstrated his tremendous talent improving day by day. This time Robert will take your through an intense Aerobox class, which focuses on punches, jabs, kicks and more and  will also make you move those hips of yours in our team effort.

Who is Iwona Nowak-Lakoma?

Iwona is a Polish born Fitness Professional working in Ireland for some while now and is not only one of the educators for Profi Fitness School, but also is starting to present her work in Poland. A new talent and a new face running up on her career path with the speed of light. Her step will leave you electrified. Do not miss her in Welcome Dance!


  • 9.00     Welcome Dance – Erle, Daniele, Robert & Iwona
  • 10.00   Aerobox – Robert
  • 11.00    Step Italy – Daniele
  • 12.00   LUNCH
  • 13.00   Reggae – Erle
  • 14.00   Step – Iwona
  • 15.00   Glam Dance – Erle & Daniele

See how we work by clicking on this line!


On the day €60


Erle Liivak

Malin Manning

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