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Dublin Autumn Day in association with DISC’ONVENTION tour

And we are back with the new fitness season and as such with new and exciting events also. One in particular I would like to talk about is our annual Dublin Autumn Day and this year with a different angle in association with DISC’ONVENTION by one of my fellow colleague, an international fitness presenter – Gil Lopes. 

You are probably wondering what exactly is DISC’ONVENTION? Well Gil has been organising his fantastic events for more than 10 years now in the city where this Brazilian born fitness guru has settled – in a good ancient Rome. For number of years he has put a theme to it though and in 2016 it will be DISCO themed (hence to that unusual name).

Take a look at one my earlier blog posts to read about the history of Gil Lopes Conventions.


And as it has formed over some period of time, Gil will be touring Europe to promote this one of a kind event, which will be held in the end of February 2016 and this year we are the lucky ones to be able to kick off his sensational tour in Dublin.

So without further ado I would like to invite you all to our Saturday afternoon event on the 17th of October in The Liffey Trust Centre. 

Registration via email or FB please.

We can’t wait to see you all again!

Love Erle & Gil


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Glam vs Cheerleaders

I am extremely happy to be blogging about our next dance and fitness event, which will be held in Liffey Trust Centre on the 21st of March and this time with me and Nike Master Trainer Sandra Raju from Estonia.


We’ve decided to make our event slightly different this time and on top our good old Reggaeton adding a serious workout from Nike called Nike Training Club as well as combining the one and only Glam – with Cheerleaders Dance. You are probably wondering, what the hell is this? Well stop wondering and book your place to find out! A beautiful opportunity to spend the Saturday afternoon full of dance and fitness and get motivated and inspired with me and Sandra!

For those, who haven’t yet had an opportunity to take Reggaeton classes with me, take a look at the video below to see what it’s all about and look no further than joining our event on the 21st of March.

Now… Meet the next rising fitness star and Nike Master Trainer Sandra Raju from Estonia.

Silver Raidla

With over 8 years of professional coaching experience in dance and fitness areas, Sandra’s work varies from coaching, motivating and inspiring people from all levels of fitness and different sporting backgrounds. She has been co-coaching and managing the best cheerleading team​ (TTÜ Tantsutüdrukud/TUT Cheerleaders)​ in Estonia and Baltics for 7 years and as she likes to call it – her hobby is her work is her hobby. Her training style is Functional Training because she believes that challenging the whole body will get results the fastest, and help develop everyday strength to live a healthy life. Her main goal as a trainer is to provide safe and effective classes/programs that are challenging enough to make you a standout in your everyday life, sport or training, and enjoyable enough to keep you coming back for more. Sandra is a Nike Master Trainer for Baltic countries and will be spreading the word about NTC wherever and whenever she can. ”There are seven days in a week and ‘someday’ isn’t one of them. If you love what you do and do what you believe in, then the rest will just come together naturally. Just​ get up and​ start​ doing​!”

So you are wondering what exactly is NTC? Here is a short description to put your mind at ease. Nike Training Club is a full body training created for women by world-class trainers and specially designed for You to Make Yourself whatever you want to be. NTC gives you the opportunity to train like a Pro with workouts created by and for the biggest sports stars today like Serena Williams, Gabby Douglas, Maria Sharapova, Marie Purvis, Alex Morgan, Paula Radcliffe and so on. It focuses strongly on functional training and how human body is supposed ​move and work naturally​. In NTC class, y​our trainer will be your best friend and your biggest enemy – both at the same time but trust us – you’ll ask for more!​

Here is a video from Sandra’s NTC class on Võru Aeroobika Õhtu in December just gone demonstrating extremely well what lies ahead of you.

And to sum up this Saturday afternoon me and Sandra will be surprising you with a different type of dance class. Want to find out what it is? Join our event to see what we have planned for you!

Love Erle & Sandra

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Dublin Autumn Day 2014 second half…

So I managed to upload final videos from Dublin Autumn Day yesterday, but decided to share them only today as I already posted something yesterday yet my fantastic students, who somehow (I think YouTube notifies them ;-)) got a sniff of them, already managed to share them with you.

Anyway, here are the links for my Reggaeton and our pumping team class.

Reggaeton Erle Liivak

GlamDance Erle & Cristian

And I gotta share this one… ;-) Fantastic way to wrap up our event! Thank you Dorota for baking that little piece of heaven and thank you Aga for decorating it! ;-)


Here are a series of group photos and the more you look the funnier they get ;-)




Cristian, Monika, me & Elena posing away ;-)


The 2 who always make me smile ;-) Justyna & Monika, you are fantastic!


Thank you for reading my blog and watch out for my next one!

Love E

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Festive Season Special Edition – Heels Are The Girl’s Best Friends

As promised here is the info about festive season special edition – Heels Are The Girl’s Best Friends with me and Justyna.

Why join our event? Because not only that you have a chance to dance into nice latin rhythms, but also it is a perfect opportunity to get comfortable in heels so that once Christmas parties knock on the door, you can party nonstop without feeling uncomfortable or perhaps even put some sexy moves on.

So check your calendar and block out Sunday the 7th of December from 2-5pm.


The Liffey Trust Centre
North Wall 
Dublin 1


2pm – Zumba® Party Justyna Mikolajczyk

3pm – Reggaeton Erle Liivak

4pm – Heels Are The Girl’s Best Friends Justyna & Erle

Price: Adult €30; Student €15
Erle Liivak
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Sneak peak to Dublin Autumn Day 2014

Hi Everyone ;-)

Hope you are having a great Monday morning!

A huge warm thank you to everyone, who came to Dublin Autumn Day Saturday just gone! It was such a great afternoon with all of your smiley faces! So happy to have been able to share that moment with you.

I had a chance to finish up this video clip from the class of our fabulous Cristian Fernandez. Take a look and watch out for my next post with more videos and photos. I will hopefully get a chance to do it over next few days.

Love E

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